Are Clinger Holsters Good For Concealed Carry?

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clinger holsters for concealed carry

clinger holsters for concealed carry

Clinger Holster is a company that specializes in innovation with holsters. Offering a large ready to ship line and easy to buy Amazon listings, they have a product that exceeds and meets my personal requirements for holsters.

Holsters are an essential part of carrying a handgun, whether it be outside the waistband (OWB) or inside the waistband (IWB). All reviews I do are based on a simple premise, the product must work, and after I am done with it (running it through a veritable gauntlet) it still needs to function well (some products like firearms and knives) must function even when dinged, chipped or dirty! 

Holsters are in a special category, for they protect the firearm from being discharged early and or the elements so that when or if you must use them the firearms are ready for use! A good concealed carry holster must do three things well, block the trigger from being depressed without intent, provide secure unimpeded access to the firearm and be comfortable!

clinger holsters for concealed carry

In a recent article, I reviewed the 77soltutionsEDC holster, and I am very happy with this rig. In fact, it is my standard carry these days, and I highly recommend checking out this amazing holster builder for future purchases. This review, however, is specifically for the CLINGER Holster® brand, they offer several different approaches and while not custom built for each individual who orders, they are still amazing!

Clinger Holsters offer one particular approach called the Comfort Cling and while I do not use soft holsters, I can see the benefit for others. It is designed to tuck into a pocket, belt or even under a waistband. The design I picked up and tested out was the Stingray V2, this version is available on Amazon.

They offer OWB versions as well and these are made with the same solid construction that the versions I tested were. The best part is that you can easily adjust each one and they include additional hardware for further adjusting if necessary, as some of us prefer a tighter fit while others may prefer a slightly loose and easier to draw fit.

For those of you afraid of rattling, tighten it down, and remember, LEATHER collects and HOLDS water. Kydex does not and when fit well it will carry without noise. Usability to tighten it down and do so.

clinger holsters for concealed carry

Regardless this is another solid holster to use and or own if you need a good holster. In my opinion, it is not a bad thing to have more than one, in fact, I almost always have 2-3 for each handgun, and of these, I may have different types, thigh rigs, IWB, chest and even ankle if needed. With my current physical issues and advancing age which is increasing the problems, an ankle rig is not a bad thing to have and train with. Clinger Holsters makes a great adaptable rig and is solid in pricing and overall benefit. Let’s go over the pros and cons and wrap up this review.


  1. Longevity, after using it for a week and putting it through multiple rigidity and break limit tests (I drop tested with my handgun in it / using a BLUE gun I ran over it with my loaded V8 4 Runner/ and of course, wore it for 7 days averaging at least 8 hours every day.
  2. Comfort, while not a custom rig, it is definitely easy to wear and cause no issues while carrying.
  3. Conceal-ability, again it is no custom rig, it is, however, a VERY easily concealed and easy to wear set up!


  1. Ordering is available for some versions via Amazon, (see above links) as well as through the attached website.

Overall I can recommend this holster manufacturer for the daily carrier among us. And if you use away from the body carry, (purse, fanny pack or daypack), the Comfort Cling version would work really well to keep your handgun secure inside that rig!

clinger holsters review

Free the mind and body will follow!

2 Comments on “Are Clinger Holsters Good For Concealed Carry?”

  1. Jesse, good job! I’ve been looking for a good holster for my recently purchased SIG 938. I haven’t been able to find one anywhere made specifically for the 938, the one that came from SIG with the purchase is less than useless. I went to the “Clinger” website & found several options. I bought the “Stingray” & since they’re only 150 miles away, I should have it by saturday coming. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out for me. Now, I’ve got to replace all my serpa holsters, I’ve got several, damnit! I recently purchased a Blackhawk Omnivore & don’t care for it, sending it back to Amazon.

    1. John, agreed! I also did the replacing thing with holsters I have a few I like and some I dont haha

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