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the best pistol ammo re-loader for beginners

What’s The Best Reloading Kit For Beginners

By PrepperDoc For those who haven’t learned how to hand-reload ammunition yet, one of the easiest and cheapest possible ways is the Classic Lee Loader.   Available for less than $40, it eliminates the “cost of getting started” concern completely, because you’ll likely recoup your entire starting cost within your first […]

concealed carry sig

Is The SIG Sauer P250 Good For Concealed Carry?

by Bill H Modular guns appear to be a new concept, however, they have been around quite some time in various forms. From the carbine variant of a service rifle carried by a cavalryman to the Thompson/Center Contender with its myriad of barrel options, the ability to interchange parts of […]

is the ruger lc9 a good gun for concealed carry

Is The Ruger LC9 A Good Gun For Concealed Carry?

By Bill With the rise in concealed carry, there have been a number of compact 9mm Parabellum (Luger) (9×19) pistols to enter the market.  Ruger’s entry into this market, the LC9, has become a major competitor in its niche and spawned a number of follow-on models since the introduction… On its […]

.22 caliber handguns concealed carry

Do You Really Need A .22 Caliber Handgun?

By The Graduate Shootist We say “it depends”. People seeking one do-all firearm would probably be better off with something shoulder-fired like a 12 Gauge shotgun. Heck, a 26 or 28” pump-gun with a spare rifle-sighted slug barrel could handle anything that roams North America, including all two or four […]