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The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World, as We Know It: Gear, Skills, and Related Know-How

The prepper's guide to surviving the end of the world as we know itAn accessible step-by-step survival guide of DIY projects, safety tips, and emergency strategies to ready your home and family for any disaster.

We live in uncertain times. The news is constantly reminding us of looming and existing dangers – economic collapse, pandemics, nuclear weapons, and cyber warfare – which threaten our well-being and security.

And while we cannot ward off large catastrophic events on our own, we can arm ourselves with the skills and tools needed to keep our loved ones safe when disaster strikes.

The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World as We Know It offers tested cost-effective strategies for total emergency preparedness including:

  • What (and what not to) stockpile now, before trouble hits
  • How to ensure you don’t run out of water
  • Where and how to store food and other supplies
  • How to forage for food
  • How to communicate when your iPhone doesn’t work
  • What to do when someone gets hurt
  • And more…

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31 Days to Survival A Complete Plan for Emergency Preparedness

31-Days-to-SurvivalPeople are born with the innate desire to survive, but sadly, many in our increasingly dependent society look to others for relief and assistance following a disaster. The fact is that help from the government, family, or neighbors is often unavailable when needed most, and in the end, you may have only yourself to count on.

Do you know what to do and how to do it if disaster strikes? If not, 31 Days to Survival by M. D. Creekmore will help you prepare to survive both short- and long-term disasters. Each day contains a specific task for you to do.

This daily, step-by-step approach is designed not only to teach you practical survival skills but also to ensure that you complete the vital tasks by the end of 31-day period, thus increasing your survival skills and your readiness to survive a long-term disaster.

By the end of the 31 days you will have: Built a rotating canned food shelf and filled your pantry with nutritious, durable food Accumulated the right firearms for foraging and defense Assembled emergency first-aid and dental kits Made a homemade water filter Put together a functional 72-hour kit and an everyday carry kit Constructed and used traps for small game and fish Collected tools and seeds for your survival garden Made like-minded friends…

And much more . . .

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The Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man’s Solution

dirt-cheap-survival-retreatTransform a travel trailer into a self-sufficient homestead for low-cost living or to use as a survival retreat.

Out of work and newly divorced, modern survival expert, M. D. Creekmore moved into a travel trailer parked on 2-acres of land, where he lived for five years. Drawing on this experience, Creekmore addresses all aspects of homestead life in The Dirt-Cheat Survival Retreat including:

  • Finding cheap, suitable land
  • Buying a used trailer
  • Utilizing alternative power sources
  • Managing water and waste issues
  • Securing your homestead against the elements and intruders
  • Utilizing alternative power sources
  • Establishing an effective storage system for food and supplies
  • Maximizing your space

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The Prepared Prepper’s Cookbook

the-preppers-cookbookA complete guide to food preparation and storage plus hundreds of easy to follow recipes for an efficient, well-equipped kitchen capable of withstanding catastrophic events

Food is essential to our survival. With detailed food preparation and storage steps, The Prepared Prepper’s Cookbook helps readers make delicious and nutritious meals today which can be served up hot and enjoyed in the future.

From cornmeal porridge and pumpkin cranberry bread to Jambalaya and Egg Drop Soup, The Prepared Prepper’s Cookbook’s wholesome recipes allow you to eat well even when you are in survival mode.

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