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Is The SKS legal in Canada? [And Review]

by Zman I am a gunsmith working in Canada and I come across a lot of firearms but one I would like to recommend would be the SKS. But first a little background… The SKS was built in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov.  It was the first rifle of its […]


How to Sight in Your Rifle Scope With a Single Shot

I remember getting my .30-06 as a present for my 18th birthday. Well, what I got was an unfinished stock, a barreled action, and a fixed 4x scope.

After finishing the stock (I use that term loosely since I never wanted a fancy rifle), I took my rifle to the local gunsmith and had him mount the scope. He bore sighted it, sold me a box of ammo, and sent me out to his range.

Review: Leapers 5TH GEN 4X32 Mini CQB TS Mil-Dot Scope

A few months ago, I decided to add a rifle scope atop my Bulgarian AK-74. After extensive shooting and accuracy testing the rifle and it’s 5.45x39mm cartridge, have proven to be significantly more accurate and flat shooting than my other AK chambered in 7.62X39. By adding an optical sight, I could […]

Ruger SR22 Review and Problems

Ruger SR22 Review and Problems

My daughter was headed into her 5th year and I was looking for a solid 22lr handgun that she could use when we were camping. She and my son both have been shooting for several years now, both of them are very good shots when they concentrate. Both enjoy firearms and […]

Smith and Wesson Sigma review

Smith and Wesson Sigma 9 mm Review (Reliable!)

Smith and Wesson has a well-earned reputation for turning out solid, reliable and sometimes even good looking firearms. This review is not of those well made or solid firearms. The Smith and Wesson Sigma was one of my worst firearms purchases ever. Before you get upset, it was not all […]