Concealed Carry Handguns


Is The Smith and Wesson Shield A Good Concealed Carry Gun?

When looking at self-defense centered firearms I look for three specific areas of need fulfillment. Reliability must be better than 99% with premium defensive ammunition. I will need to practice regularly, what has the most efficient combination of defensive raw defensive capability and cost allowing for regular practice? Lastly, what offers the […]

Adding the other hand to finish the grip

How to Shoot a Pistol More Accurately [Ultimate Guide]

What follows is a simple yet comprehensive guide for the individual looking to shoot their handguns more accurately. The following approach was designed to allow someone with little or no experience in firearms to shoot an FBI qualifier and pass it with the first 60 rounds they fire. Using the […]

Is The Canik Tp9SA Good For Concealed Carry?

Reviewing firearms is a risky business for the reviewer, after all if the firearms do not perform to the standards expected or portrayed by the reviewer people will quickly blame them. It is essential to understand in advance that I have NEVER held a firearm or any man-made implement that did not […]

MINI-REVOLVER for concealed carry

Are The NAA Mini Revolvers Good For Concealed Carry?

“Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” Sun Tsu NAA Mini Revolver Small self-defense tools are among the most deceptive tools available for the common man. We have been raised to believe that size is everything. It is cultural in the western world, everything from […]

concealed carry sig

Is The SIG Sauer P250 Good For Concealed Carry?

by Bill H Modular guns appear to be a new concept, however, they have been around quite some time in various forms. From the carbine variant of a service rifle carried by a cavalryman to the Thompson/Center Contender with its myriad of barrel options, the ability to interchange parts of […]

Is The Smith & Wesson Model 10 Good For Concealed Carry?

by Bill H I was recently at a gun show and a dealer friend of mine had a couple of Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolvers. He also had a couple of the Taurus copies of the same gun. Prices were under $300 for each, for even the nicest specimen. […]