Concealed Carry Handguns

MINI-REVOLVER for concealed carry

Are The NAA Mini Revolvers Good For Concealed Carry?

“Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” Sun Tsu NAA Mini Revolver Small self-defense tools are among the most deceptive tools available for the common man. We have been raised to believe that size is everything. It is cultural in the western world, everything from […]

concealed carry sig

Is The SIG Sauer P250 Good For Concealed Carry?

by Bill H Modular guns appear to be a new concept, however, they have been around quite some time in various forms. From the carbine variant of a service rifle carried by a cavalryman to the Thompson/Center Contender with its myriad of barrel options, the ability to interchange parts of […]

is the 1911 a good concealed carry handgun

Is The 1911 A Good Concealed Carry Gun?

As someone who carries because my life depends on it I have been asked this question and responded in much the same way that I am about to respond now. The simple answer to the title question is, yes if it is 99% reliable with 500-1000 rounds before using as a carry gun. Now […]

is the ruger lc9 a good gun for concealed carry

Is The Ruger LC9 A Good Gun For Concealed Carry?

By Bill With the rise in concealed carry, there have been a number of compact 9mm Parabellum (Luger) (9×19) pistols to enter the market.  Ruger’s entry into this market, the LC9, has become a major competitor in its niche and spawned a number of follow-on models since the introduction… On its […]

Glock 19 concealment holster

Is the Glock 19 A Good Concealed Carry Gun?

How accurate, is it reliable, and what accessories should I add to it make it better? Is the Glock 19 a good concealed carry gun? The short answer is, Yes! At this point in time, there is literally no other handgun that has the reliability, ability, and features for the […]

.22 caliber handguns concealed carry

Do You Really Need A .22 Caliber Handgun?

By The Graduate Shootist We say “it depends”. People seeking one do-all firearm would probably be better off with something shoulder-fired like a 12 Gauge shotgun. Heck, a 26 or 28” pump-gun with a spare rifle-sighted slug barrel could handle anything that roams North America, including all two or four […]