Concealed Carry Tactics

where to find concealed carry training

Where To Find Concealed Carry Firearms Training?

Firearms training and education are among the most needed and least likely part of a preppers knowledge base to be obtained. In many cases, firearms training and instruction consists of little more than military basic training, law enforcement POST training and annual qualifications, concealed permit training, hunter education classes and […]


Mastering The Concealed Carry Quick Draw!

Drawing from concealment is not difficult, however, if you have never done it before it helps to have some guidance. If you have practiced or learned the basics you may be able to see some improvements or benefit from following this approach. We do not want to end up having […]

concealed carry clothing

Concealed Carry Clothing: How To Dress When Armed Defensively!

There is a phrase some of us know, “dress for success!” This has been instilled in most of us as we worked our way through our post-teen, early adult life. This approach and phrase applies to defensive uses as well. From protection specialists through “operators” in many different areas how […]