Concealed Carry for Fat Guys!

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Being disabled and partially sedentary I have put some weight on. However, carrying concealed is still a priority and I have adjusted appropriately. Now for the record, I have lost 12 pounds and counting over the past couple of months. For now, I can honestly say I am a fat guy who successfully carries concealed. This article addresses concealed carry … Read More

Concealed Carry vs Open Carry is There a Best Way?

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concealed carry vs open carry

Like many disagreements, the internet has allowed for some truly great myths to become reality to some individuals. From which caliber is best “9×19 or .50bmg” to which guns are best for self-defense and combat “Glock, S&W MP, FN 509, Steyr M9 or the venerable Colt Pocket from 1849” the debate rages onward. When it comes to personal carry of firearms and … Read More