The Art of Concealed Carry and Situational Awareness

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Concealed Carry and Situational Awareness

by DownStreamFly Depending on where you live, no doubt on any or every given morning you can wake to the doldrums of newscast reporting on the crimes against everyday people that have taken place in the last few hours. They run the gamut with 5-10 second blurbs about a deadly assault, robbery, rape, and murder at such a pace that not … Read More

Unarmed Self-Defense (for when you don’t have a gun)

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Unarmed Self-Defense

by Scott Gillespie As a cop, I gave this topic a lot of thought over the years and I’ve picked up a few techniques that actually work.  I’ve been in dozens of fights and without a single exception, every fight eventually went to the ground.  Of course, for a cop, you aren’t interested in hurting the suspect (some of the time … Read More

How to Teach a Child to Shoot a Gun (safely & effectively)

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How to Teach a Child to Shoot a Gun safely & effectively

by Z.H. Former USAF Combat Arms Instructor (AFSC 3P0X1B) There remains a fair amount of hesitation among some in the wider firearms community about teaching their children about firearms (especially those making the transition from urban areas where the very idea of addressing firearms with children seems verboten). Of course, those individuals who have seen their families take an active interest … Read More

Do I Need a Concealed Carry Permit for Pepper Spray?

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Do I Need a Concealed Carry Permit for Pepper Spray?

Even though I have a handgun carry permit and legally carry a handgun almost everywhere that I go, I also carry a can of pepper spray. I know some of you are probably thinking… why would anyone need to carry defensive spray if they are already carrying a handgun… Well, the fact is that the majority of the time most situations … Read More

What Is A Concealed Carry Badge and Do You Need One?

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Concealed Carry Badge

What is a concealed carry badge and do you need one? That’s a good question and one that I’ve been asked a lot since starting this site and to make a long answer short – no you don’t need a concealed carry badge, however, there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument and I’ll talk about both … Read More

Unarmed Self-Defense From WWII

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Editor’s note: The following selections were excerpted from FM 21-150: Unarmed Defense for the American Soldier, an Army manual published in 1942. Knowing how to defend yourself even if you don’t have a gun is important, however, it’s best to avoid confrontation if possible. PURPOSE OF TRAINING The object of this training is to develop the soldier in the art … Read More

What Medical Training Should I Get For Concealed Carry?

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first aid training for concealed carry

This article is meant to show you what training you should get for concealed carry. What is included in the article are references, links for additional training and resources and lastly definitions and descriptions. Always remember, make sure you and your family are safe before attempting to offer assistance to anyone. Never do so if it means sacrificing your own … Read More

Is There a National Concealed Carry License?

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concealed carry laws

This article is meant to clarify what is legally allowed and not allowed for the qualified, or qualified separated or retired Law Enforcement that may be reading this article. Additionally the article is meant to explain what it takes to maintain and keep as well as use the LEOSA permit.

What is The Best Ammo For Concealed Carry?

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best ammo for concealed carry

This article is the result of many years of shooting, testing and hands-on experience with the various ammunitions being shown. I have not been paid by any particular company nor have I received any ammunition free. My results may not reflect actual results from others, though my results are based on data collected and real-life tests accomplished. As with most … Read More

Where To Find Concealed Carry Firearms Training?

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where to find concealed carry training

Firearms training and education are among the most needed and least likely part of a preppers knowledge base to be obtained. In many cases, firearms training and instruction consists of little more than military basic training, law enforcement POST training and annual qualifications, concealed permit training, hunter education classes and or basic NRA classes. These by themselves without continuing practice … Read More

Is Medical Training Needed For Concealed Carry?

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Concealed carry and medical training

Medical knowledge and medical supplies are used far more frequently than defensive tools in the United States. When I was much younger I had several things occur that helped me understand the benefits of understanding trauma care and remaining current with my training. After watching an individual bleed out in front of me and being able to do nothing, and … Read More