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The Best Reloading Kit For Beginners

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By PrepperDoc For those who haven’t learned how to hand-reload ammunition yet, one of the easiest and cheapest possible ways is the Classic Lee Loader.   Available for less than $40, it eliminates the “cost of getting started” concern completely, because you’ll likely recoup your entire starting cost within your first 2 or 3 boxes of handgun or rifle cartridges. Further, …

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What is The Best Ammo For Concealed Carry?

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This article is the result of many years of shooting, testing and hands-on experience with the various ammunitions being shown. I have not been paid by any particular company nor have I received any ammunition free. My results may not reflect actual results from others, though my results are based on data collected and real-life tests accomplished. As with most …

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Where To Find Concealed Carry Firearms Training?

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Firearms training and education are among the most needed and least likely part of a preppers knowledge base to be obtained. In many cases, firearms training and instruction consists of little more than military basic training, law enforcement POST training and annual qualifications, concealed permit training, hunter education classes and or basic NRA classes. These by themselves without continuing practice …

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Is Medical Training Needed For Concealed Carry?

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Medical knowledge and medical supplies are used far more frequently than defensive tools in the United States. When I was much younger I had several things occur that helped me understand the benefits of understanding trauma care and remaining current with my training. After watching an individual bleed out in front of me and being able to do nothing, and …

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Must Have Items for Your Car Emergency Kit (A Checklist)

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Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, and this being a concealed carry and personal defense website, I feel that it’s necessary to have an emergency auto kit aka auto survival kit in every automobile we drive in addition to our every day carry kits (EDC) and concealed carry handguns. A handgun won’t be of much use when you need to change a tire, get …

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How To Buy Your First Firearm… Without Getting Burnt!

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Expert tips on how to buy your first firearm… Before we begin it is essential to understand that this article is meant as an information piece and does not constitute all gun store owners or workers. Additionally, I believe in private business, which means that while I personally disagree with an approach taken, I firmly support the individual owner or …