Concealed Carry Handgun holsters by 77 Solution EDC

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Handgun holsters by 77 Solution EDC

Handgun holsters by 77 Solution EDC

When you carry a handgun it is too augment an already safe existence with the ability to defend oneself from threats of a deadly nature. As Jeff Cooper said, “The purpose of a pistol is to stop a fight that somebody else has started, almost always at a very short range.” Today I review the 77SolutionsEDC holster and it is a nice rig!

All reviews I do are based in a simple premise, the product must work, and after I am done with it (running it through a veritable gauntlet) it still needs to function well (some products like firearms and knives) must function even when dinged, chipped or dirty! Holsters are in a special category, for they protect the firearm from being discharged early and or the elements so that when or if you must use them the firearms are ready for use! A good concealed carry holster must do three things well, block the trigger from being depressed without intent, provide secure unimpeded access to the firearm and be comfortable!

Now I am going to say some things that are unpopular, though based in reality. SERPA holsters from BlackHawk, Uncle Mikes nylon carry holsters are NOT good for every day carry.

SERPA holsters have seen several incidental shootings occur as a direct result of the holster itself, the locking mechanism is put in a place that encourages faulty presentation and early discharge of the firearm, many police departments and similar have stopped allowing them to be carried, and they are BANNED from FBI Quantico facilities due to danger involved.

Uncle Mikes fall in the same category, they are inexpensive however when re-holstering accident have occurred and will continue to occur because NYLON does not hold its shape.

concealed carry holsters

This is where the non mass produced holster makers with their kydex offerings come in, unless you prefer leather in which case BlackHawk offers some great leather holsters! The best part is the cost of holsters like this amazing one from 77SolutionsEDC cost around the same amount as any good CCW holster from even the big builders and you can be assured they are not cookie cutter holsters, each is hand finished and none are identical.

I’ve found 3 or 4 amazing holster makers over the years. When I needed to have a level II or III holsters I choose Safariland simply because they do not rely on gimmicks that cause issues but on a solid approach that keeps me safe and those around me. (level II or III holsters are what is required for many LE and military organizations, they offer secured/ retention on the holster outside of friction, preventing potential theft or loss of a firearm if and when you end up scrapping with a suspect.)

Where 77SolutionsEDC shines is the ability to create a solid, functional and good looking piece of hardware meant for the specific purpose of carrying concealed. Like many good firearms and or holster makers there is a lead time of around 3 weeks for custom orders.

However, this is not a large company and the holster can be made to your exact specifications so the wait is worth it. I have dozens of holsters, however, I only carry regularly these. By these I mean my SCHolsters and 77SolutionsEDC holsters. Honestly, I have not found others to be comfortable enough or strong enough to work for what I need.

I carry between 2 and 3 o’clock on my body and I carry relatively low as compared to some, which is why I do not use BlackHawk leather holsters which ride high, I haven’t gotten into the new trend of appendix carry, however, I am old and fat so, there is that.

In the 20 + years of daily carry I’ve never once been “caught” by anyone that doesn’t already know I carry, In fact, these days carry is like wearing pants, simply part of what I do in the morning, I even carry when in night clothes. I cannot afford to have a handgun in every room yet* so, I carry it with me. (*I do have fire extinguishers in every room)

So what are the reasons I suggest this as a holster for daily carry?

  1. It can be made to look good! (an important factor for many though I suggest NOT showing others ever!)
  2. It is well made and will last quite a long time (average for my daily wear holsters made like this is 4 to 5 years before having any major issues, and I have never had one last longer, I am however hard on my equipment and use it!)
  3. Pricing is comparable to most other reputable manufactures, (certainly, it is not a BlackHawk SERPA or a Fobus holster, however, if you plan on carrying daily and not just every once and a while if you remember it, neither of those two holsters will work and the BlackHawk SERPA is downright DANGEROUS!)
  4. Secures the trigger and handgun well without sacrificing comfort to do so, (these are NOT level II or III holsters though you can easily adapt retention to provide the level needed with a bit of redneck engineering.)

So would I recommend this holster maker as one of the few I prefer personally? Absolutely. Is this a holster maker I use for my family? Again, absolutely.

concealed carry holsters

Understand this is not a holster design meant for LE or military carry, it is meant for civilian or protective detail “extreme concealed carry.” If you want to keep from alerting others to your carry habits (remember to be a gray man) carry concealed. Exposing your habits to others is not a benefit in any way.

If you want to see other things reviewed you have to comment and ask! I cannot read minds and do not care to try. Thanks for all feedback in advance and please read the article before commenting as I have found many negative comments are based in perception not what I actually write as I tend to answer the comments in the article. Additionally, I am not writing for engineers, this is a survival/prepping website for regular joes and janes.

If you want my recorded statistics ASK! I will email them if I have them available or if you are nice about asking. I get several dozen emails a day from readers here, I miss many because unless you are a friend I do not have you in my contacts this means the message ends up in the trash by default. Please make sure to notate the article name in the headline of email. Again thank you all and enjoy!

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