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IWB Holsters

When it comes to inside the waistband holders I have several favorites but if I had to narrow it down to just one IWB holster I’d have to choose the Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB, Holster (check for current price and availability). As far as IWB holsters go this one is the most comfortable and well made of all the ones that I’ve tried and it’s available to fit a large number of different brands and models of concealed carry handguns.

My second choice for an IWB concealment holster is the Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster (click here to check current price and availability at Amazon.con). Fortunately, most brands of KYDEX IWB holsters are well made and to be honest it’s hard to find a meaningful difference in the majority of them.

And if you’re on a super-tight budget then the BLACKHAWK Inside-the-Pants Holster is a super low priced IWB holster that will serve you well (check current price on

Belt Holsters

I seldom carry in a belt holster because I prefer to carry concealed, however, the exception being when I’m hiking the national park trails or riding my UTV in deep far-a-way back in the boondocks locations and for this, my favorite belt holster is the Model M12 Universal Military Holster. This holster offers protection while still leaving the sidearm easily assessable.

My second favorite belt holster is the Desantis Facilitator Holster (check current price and availability at One of the downsides to open carry is the possibility that an attacker will try to take your handgun when starting their attack and the Redi-Lok system that comes with Desantis Facilitator Holster will make doing this successfully much more difficult for the attacker.

My third favorite belt holster is the Bianchi Accumold Holster Belt Slide (check for price and availability). It’s light-weight and offers some extra retention via the thumb-break, however, it’s not as secure from a grab-attack as the Desantis Facilitator Holster that I mentioned above.

Pocket Holsters

When carrying smaller handguns a good pocket holster is hard to beat. Need to run to the corner store or out to the mailbox? Don’t want to go through all of the trouble of putting on a belt and IWB or belt holster? Well, the pocket holster is your best option. Just slide it into your pocket and go…

I carry my Smith and Wesson Air-Weight in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster and love it (you can check it out on I concealed carry the Smith and Wesson Air-Weight more than any other handgun and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Tactical Knives

Oh, wow, choosing my favorite concealed carry knives was very difficult, to say the least because there are so many great knives on the market today and I own so many, but then owning so many allows me to give knowledgeable suggestions from hands-on experience.

Once Tennessee changes the knife laws allowing legal ownership and carry of automatic (switchblade) knives, I went as fast as I could go and bought a Hogue automatic knife, and I’ve carried it every day for over two years and give it my highest recommendation.

My second favorite concealed carry knife is…. wait for it… the Columbia River Knife & Tool M16-Z! This is a very well made quality knife that’s also very reasonably priced. And the locking system is fantastic! If you’re looking for a concealed carry knife and automatic knives like the Hogue that I mentioned above aren’t legal in your state then this is a great alternative.

Okay, now on to my third favorite concealed carry knife and that’s the BLACKHAWK! Crucible II Folding Knife with a plain edge (check it out at I’ve owned this knife for over five years and carried it a couple of those and have no complaints at all and at the current listed price on it’s hard to beat.

Please read my article on Tennessee Knife Laws if you’re interested in carrying a knife in Tennessee.

Tactical Lights

Like concealed carry knives, the mention of tactical knives gets folks looking straight and paying attention because most of the folks who are into such things as firearms and concealed carry have their own opinions as to what’s the best tactical light. Below are my current top picks…

My number one choice is the SureFire G2Z MV Combat Light, small, light-weight and easy to carry while putting out a blinding amount of light onto (you can check current price and availability at

As for a general-purpose light, my top choice is the Duracell Durabeam Ultra 700 Heavy-Duty LED Flashlight (check current price and availability on I have four of these with two in my house, one in each automobile and one in the garage. It’s hard (probably impossible) to beat these at the same or lower price.

Carry Belts

If you’re going to open carry and or concealed carry then you’ll need a good belt and my current favorite is the Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt. It’s a little pricey, well, for me anyway, but it’s a belt that will last a lifetime and in fact, it has a lifetime warranty.

Non-Lethal Options

Okay, we all know that carrying a concealed handgun is a big responsibility because once you pull the trigger to defend yourself and the bullet is out of the barrel there isn’t any bringing it back and if it hits then death or grave bodily injury will be the result.

This is why I like to have a non-lethal alternative available, so I have a choice of lethal action or non-lethal action depending on the situation and what is warranted. My favorite and what I believe to be the best non-lethal alternative is OC or pepper spray.

My choice is from Fox Labs – Fox Labs Pepper Spray – Flip Top Cone (1.5 ounces) click here to check current prices and availability on

My Favorite Watch

While having a watch isn’t really connected to concealed carry, every man should own a good watch and it’s not necessary to spend several hundred dollars to own a good functional watch that also looks great.

When it comes to watches I have a couple of favorites. My number one favorite is the Vincero Luxury Men’s Chrono S Wrist Watch in all black and my second favorite is the Victorinox Men’s  Original XL Swiss Quartz Watch.

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