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Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport ( 2.2” at 100 yards)

In Rifles and Shotguns by Jesse Mathewson1 Comment

This is one of the few rifles I really enjoyed owning. It was lightweight, easy to use and relatively reliable. The best part is it did not break the bank to buy. Smith and Wesson’s M&P ar15 sport model was designed to fit into the market as a sporter/ competition/ beginning owner rifle. With the reliability, it offers I would …

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What Are Lever Action Rifles Good For?

In Rifles and Shotguns by MDCreekmore3 Comments

By The Graduate Shootist We were mostly through a week-long Basic Pistol program and one trainee was clearly in the lead, no doubt thanks to a previous career with one of the largest metropolitan law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Twenty years of requalification courses left him well-equipped to address Q-type silhouettes, but now it was time for each shooter …

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Ruger SR22 Review and Problems

In Concealed Carry Handguns by Jesse MathewsonLeave a Comment

My daughter was headed into her 5th year and I was looking for a solid 22lr handgun that she could use when we were camping. She and my son both have been shooting for several years now, both of them are very good shots when they concentrate. Both enjoy firearms and both are safer to be around than most soldiers and …

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Unarmed Self-Defense (for when you don’t have a gun)

In General Topics by MDCreekmore2 Comments

by Scott Gillespie As a cop, I gave this topic a lot of thought over the years and I’ve picked up a few techniques that actually work.  I’ve been in dozens of fights and without a single exception, every fight eventually went to the ground.  Of course, for a cop, you aren’t interested in hurting the suspect (some of the time …

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Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet and Cinch Belt Review

In Concealed Carry Gear by Jesse Mathewson2 Comments

It’s Christmas time again, that time of year when scammers go into overtime to get your information and money. Handheld RFID/card scanning devices are easier than ever to obtain and use. Travel consists of multiple x-rays, full body scanners and other forms of information wiping activities. RFID technology has helped us innovate, and yet it also poses additional risks. Trayvax wallets offer …

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How to Teach a Child to Shoot a Gun (safely & effectively)

In General Topics by MDCreekmore1 Comment

by Z.H. Former USAF Combat Arms Instructor (AFSC 3P0X1B) There remains a fair amount of hesitation among some in the wider firearms community about teaching their children about firearms (especially those making the transition from urban areas where the very idea of addressing firearms with children seems verboten). Of course, those individuals who have seen their families take an active interest …

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What Training Should You Get For Concealed Carry?

In Concealed Carry Tactics by MDCreekmore

by Jesse Mathewson Every state has different requirements for carrying a concealed defensive tool. Some states require evidence of need, other states allow constitutional carry which has no legislative limitations outside of being a resident of the state and a law-abiding citizen. Safety is absolutely the most important part of carrying a handgun for defensive purposes. The most often repeated safety …

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Shoulder Holster or Belt Holster for Concealed Carry?

In Concealed Carry Tactics by Jesse Mathewson8 Comments

Carrying concealed is a choice between solid retention, ease of use and comfort. It is always my intent to relate what works over what is prettiest or most comfortable. What I can say from experience is that belt holsters are the best for concealed carry, specifically inside the waist band (IWB). There are environments and needs for shoulder holsters as …