What is The Best Ammo For Concealed Carry?

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best ammo for concealed carry

This article is the result of many years of shooting, testing and hands-on experience with the various ammunitions being shown. I have not been paid by any particular company nor have I received any ammunition free. My results may not reflect actual results from others, though my results are based on data collected and real-life tests accomplished. As with most … Read More

Is The 1911 A Good Concealed Carry Gun?

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is the 1911 a good concealed carry handgun

As someone who carries because my life depends on it I have been asked this question and responded in much the same way that I am about to respond now. The simple answer to the title question is, yes if it is 99% reliable with 500-1000 rounds before using as a carry gun. Now the difficult part to this question, showing you why it can … Read More

Are Crossbreed Holsters Good For Concealed Carry?

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crossbread-holsters-review-for-concealed carry

“The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim. (defense rests solely on the timing of the individuals involved,) Therefore the good fighter will be terrible in his onset, and prompt in his decision.” Sun Tzu for the modern man. Anyone with an electric oven and a few bucks can make holsters these days. … Read More

Where To Find Concealed Carry Firearms Training?

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where to find concealed carry training

Firearms training and education are among the most needed and least likely part of a preppers knowledge base to be obtained. In many cases, firearms training and instruction consists of little more than military basic training, law enforcement POST training and annual qualifications, concealed permit training, hunter education classes and or basic NRA classes. These by themselves without continuing practice … Read More

Is The Ruger LC9 A Good Gun For Concealed Carry?

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is the ruger lc9 a good gun for concealed carry

By Bill With the rise in concealed carry, there have been a number of compact 9mm Parabellum (Luger) (9×19) pistols to enter the market.  Ruger’s entry into this market, the LC9, has become a major competitor in its niche and spawned a number of follow-on models since the introduction… On its surface, the LC9 greatly resembles the Grendel and Kel-Tec compact … Read More

Are Clinger Holsters Good For Concealed Carry?

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clinger holsters for concealed carry

Clinger Holster is a company that specializes in innovation with holsters. Offering a large ready to ship line and easy to buy Amazon listings, they have a product that exceeds and meets my personal requirements for holsters. Holsters are an essential part of carrying a handgun, whether it be outside the waistband (OWB) or inside the waistband (IWB). All reviews I do are … Read More

Is Medical Training Needed For Concealed Carry?

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Concealed carry and medical training

Medical knowledge and medical supplies are used far more frequently than defensive tools in the United States. When I was much younger I had several things occur that helped me understand the benefits of understanding trauma care and remaining current with my training. After watching an individual bleed out in front of me and being able to do nothing, and … Read More

Complete Guide to Choosing a Concealed Carry Handgun

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handguns preppers

This is a choice that literally has your life based on it. If you have children and a family their lives are also resting on your decision. After all, the entire purpose of a defensive handgun is, you guessed it; defense! As with all life-affirming decisions you have already considered this and discarded the notion that fancy bells and whistles … Read More

Mastering The Concealed Carry Quick Draw!

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Drawing from concealment is not difficult, however, if you have never done it before it helps to have some guidance. If you have practiced or learned the basics you may be able to see some improvements or benefit from following this approach. We do not want to end up having an incident that could be avoided. Now before we get … Read More