Complete Guide to Buying a Handgun from a Pawn Shop

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buying your first firearm...

Expert tips on how to buy your first firearm… Before we begin it is essential to understand that this article is meant as an information piece and does not constitute all gun store owners or workers. Additionally, I believe in private business, which means that while I personally disagree with an approach taken, I firmly support the individual owner or … Read More

Why You Should Be Trained and Armed: Or How To Prevent A Fire Before It Starts!

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Handgun draw

Every once and awhile I am asked if I believe people should have assault weapons or high capacity magazines for self-defense, they also ask, why should anyone need a gun? Given that I do not wear “Shoot first ask questions later” or “I dial 1911” shirts, have no political bumper stickers and stopped wearing “tactical hats” and 511 shirts several years ago … Read More

Concealed Carry vs Open Carry is There a Best Way?

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concealed carry vs open carry

Like many disagreements, the internet has allowed for some truly great myths to become reality to some individuals. From which caliber is best “9×19 or .50bmg” to which guns are best for self-defense and combat “Glock, S&W MP, FN 509, Steyr M9 or the venerable Colt Pocket from 1849” the debate rages onward. When it comes to personal carry of firearms and … Read More

Where is it Legal to Carry a Concealed Handgun in TN?

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where is it legal to carry a concealed handgun in tn

  One of the first questions that people ask when considering getting a concealed handgun carry permit is “where can I carry legally in TN with that permit” and that’s a good question and one that I’m going to answer here in this article. To answer the question “where can I carry legally in TN” it’s best to first find out … Read More