Is The Ruger LCP .380 Good For Concealed Carry?

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Not being an impulse buyer, I spent quite a bit of time reading up on the Ruger LCP .380 and Ruger LCP .380 prices before buying my little pocket rocket. I wanted to make sure my $$$ got what I expected. I did, and then some. I am pleased and not sorry I bought this gem. The Ruger LCP .380 is a quality weapon at an affordable price. Not showy–just my style. She does what I need her to do–be there to protect me and mine.

Size and weight were included in the criteria for my first concealed carry weapon. At around 12 oz loaded, weight was a shoe in. Size? Also a go. My hand nearly conceals the entire pistol. (I have smallish hands). The pinky extension is a viable option to improve the grip. I needed it, to begin with, but may just switch back to none.

Width was the real factor. To fit in MY waistband it needed to be slim. At just over 3/4″ the LCP excels. There is no safety. You can choose to have 7 rounds (6+1 in the chamber). My personal choice is 6 and an empty chamber. I can rack the slide quicker than I can fool with a safety.

M.D. Creekmore adds: I do not agree with the above suggestion of carrying a gun for self-defense with an empty chamber. Get a good holster and carry six in the magazine and one in the chamber. If someone is shooting at or coming at me with a baseball bat I don’t want to be trying to rack the slide to chamber a round.

Being a southpaw, right-handed safeties are awkward. If I feel the need, I just chamber one in advance of a questionable situation. Like coyote infested berry patches or snake-infested forest or traveling through a bad part of a town at night. Although the mag release is right-handed, I can release and reload a mag left-handed without fear of dropping her. There is a 15 round mag available for target practice.

The Ruger LCP .380 is very easy to shoot

The Ruger LCP 380 is very easy to shoot. Especially for smaller hands. Trigger pull is long but smooth. Recoil is nominal for this lightweight gun. I could shoot a couple hundred rounds without aggravating my carpal tunnel. Accuracy is good. I can’t brag about a 4″ spread at 25 yards because I don’t shoot THAT well. Seriously, this isn’t for 25 yards, it’s for someone attacking me in my personal space, like my bedroom or a carjacking.

Ruger .380 LCP Holster

My DeSantis Pro Stealth Inside Pants / Waistband IWB Holster With Spare Magazine Pouch is comfy all day, in my usual jeans. I tried an ankle holster, but the nylon irritates my skin and doesn’t work with straight leg jeans. I can use a pocket holster—-but only if I wear men’s jeans. it’s great with men’s cargo shorts. See, the problem is women’s pants pockets are useless. Too shallow. Now, ladies, let me introduce you to the flash-bang! The Kydex holster is made for a specific few pistols.

Ruger .380 LCP Drawbacks and Durability?

Nothing is perfect, of course. Reassembling is a bit of a challenge. One must pull the slide back against the spring (with oily hands naturally) and insert a very small pin in a tiny hole with a spring in it. I’ve had fun with that!

The sights are small, hard for me to see. Red paint on the front sight solved the problem. At first, 380 ammo was difficult to find. Gone as soon as shelves were stocked. It’s better now. It’s not the most affordable ammo, but I still buy it. There is a recall on certain serial #s.

If dropped on a hard surface with one chambered it could go off. I haven’t been concerned enough to part with it for the week or two it would take to fix. Maybe someday, I don’t know. I have had two failures to eject. Both times my jacket sleeve snagged. Also, I used cheap practice ammo. DH doesn’t care for it, though. Too small for his liking and he prefers a revolver.

The only change I would make in my purchase of this wee little P-shooter is I would have the laser. Maybe. Simplicity is good. And maybe a laser is, too. I would have bought the Ruger LCP 380 sooner if I’d known about it.

This is not my only firearm. Long, short, auto and revolver. We’ve owned many calibers. This 380 is still just as sweet. I plan to loan it to my DD to bring her into the wonderful world of firearms.

I know folks could rattle off all kinds of specs and clinical details, but my life is not in a laboratory setting. It’s on the farm, and at work, shopping, camping, hiking etc. I don’t notice the difference in 3/10th of an ounce or a fraction of an inch in length. I do notice a comfortable gun to carry, hold, and shoot. A trigger pull that doesn’t make my hand quiver (double action only). I still have money for groceries after buying it. Quality & Reliability.

This gal is quite pleased with the Ruger LCP 380 – I hope that you enjoyed my Ruger LCP .380 review.

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Update – Ruger LCP Recall

In 2008, Ruger received a small number of reports from the field indicating that LCP® pistols could discharge when dropped onto a hard surface with a round in the chamber. We are firmly committed to safety and would like to retrofit all older LCP® Pistols. The retrofit involves installation of an upgraded hammer mechanism at no charge to the customer.

Please take a look at the link below to find out if your Ruger LCP is on the recall list…

How to determine if your pistol has been recalled

2 Comments on “Is The Ruger LCP .380 Good For Concealed Carry?”

  1. I absolutely love my Ruger 380.
    I was surprised at the power of it the first time I shot it.
    I feel safe carrying inside the waist and can wear it under most of my clothing to church or elsewhere. Never bought another to compare it to, but I have never had regrets buying it and have not used the laser except at the range. I guess I don’t wish to get dependent on it if it should drop on the floor and change before I can re sight it .
    I would recommend it to a small woman who desires to conceal carry.
    It also fits well in my Well Armed woman holster the other side holds my CCW card so it is on my person wherever I go.

  2. Had one for years. Carry with 1 in chamber. The long trigger pull is your safety.
    Rather have 7 rds than 5..

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