Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet and Cinch Belt Review

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Trayvax Cinch Belt Review
Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet review

Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet

It’s Christmas time again, that time of year when scammers go into overtime to get your information and money. Handheld RFID/card scanning devices are easier than ever to obtain and use. Travel consists of multiple x-rays, full body scanners and other forms of information wiping activities. RFID technology has helped us innovate, and yet it also poses additional risks. Trayvax wallets offer security from RFID scanning. Trayvax belts offer comfort and long-term durability.

Wallets have several levels, like firearms and everything in life. These levels reflect everything from price to quality and product integrity. Some wallets are designed to sell over the counter at Wal-Mart for the lowest price, without regard to quality. Certainly these function well, in fact often these low-end products have similar lifespans compared to designer luxury wallets.

For the ladies reading this article, think about your purses, certainly, the Wal-Mart specials will work, however, will they hold your handguns and money safely?

An example of Wal-Mart quality would be Diamondback, KelTec, and similar firearms. The next step up is the Smith and Wesson, Palmetto State Armory or Glock approach, solid and well-built, without a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles at a reasonable price point. And last you have the LWRC/ Noveske or Cadillac/Bentley approach. Absolutely these tend to be more accurate, better looking and definitely more expensive.

At this stage of my life, there is a definite need to maintain a strict budget without sacrificing too much quality. Trayvax wallets, in this case the Original 2.0, fall in this category. They are very well made, in fact, handmade in the United States and they represent a solid product that fills most roles they are given well.

They are not the most comfortable or best looking, unless like me you find a great deal on solid products to be the motivator in how you see them. I will never call my Glock or AR-15 beautiful, I will admire the overall package for what it is. A tool that works well. However, can anyone really see a stock – or Glock as beautiful, honestly? Trayvax wallets fall in a category slightly above this, they are functional and very well made.

Depending on the model they can be quite attractive, more importantly, they protect your cards from many things that threaten our wallets today. All Trayvax Wallets are RFID resistant and all of the models I have purchased, used and tested have worked exceedingly well.

Original 2.0 incorporates some really cool features that allow it too double as a pry bar and bottle opener. It is made with Mil-Spec para-cord, Aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel.

Now I do understand, wallets and belts are not exactly the top of the chain in survival or tactical gear. However, they have a very important place. A belt is used for holding equipment as needed. Certainly, it can be used for holding your pants up as well. I use my belts to hold my firearms, knives, and pants up and need them to be extremely strong.

Trayvax Cinch Belt Review

Trayvax Cinch Belt

The Trayvax Cinch Belt and Cinch Belt Lite are among my favorite daily wear belts. While they are not designed for firearms carry, they do function in that role perfectly well. What I really like about these belts is they are a friction buckle and very comfortable for long-term daily wear regardless of weight.

Over the past year I have been losing weight, admittedly I am not skinny, now more than ever I do see the need to have an easily adjustable belt.

Now, the best belt for concealed carry and tactical use I have ever owned and currently wear more than any other is the Dalt-Tech Force SuperBio belt (click here to check current price and availability at

The belt that takes second place in this line up is the Trayvax Cinch belt. Trayvax now has the Cinch belt Lite, this belt is narrower than the Cinch belt at 1” in width, it utilizes the same solid low profile belt buckle design as the Cinch belt.

Made from nylon and machined and put together in the United States this is an amazing belt and will work great for daily wear. While I do not suggest using this belt for daily carry with larger firearms, Glock 19 and up, I have not had an issue using it with my Smith and Wesson Shield and other similarly sized carry pieces.

Over the past few years, I have written a couple reviews for the Trayvax line of products. I can firmly recommend these wallets and belts as a cost-effective alternative to buying bottom end or saving for top end products. These easily match up to many top end products in finish and quality, while maintaining a low enough price point to be affordable.

The wallets and belts go for between $20 and $30 using Amazon or directly from Trayvax at the link in the first paragraph. Remember, these come with a solid warranty, though honestly, you will never need it as they are made to last.

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  1. These look like good items and I will check into them. I will suggest that when traveling overseas and of course certain places in the States that you never carry anything in a hip pocket no matter how its secured. Its an invite to get you butt slashed with a straight razor or carpet knife.

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